I have been writing and directing films since I was in elementary school.
I am skilled in every aspect of filmmaking from concept to post-production, especially with a focus on creating high quality production value for micro budgets.
I especially love independent and foreign cinema and attempt to incorporate these aesthetics into all my work.


A short improv film about Love & loss. Production in Yosemite Valley, CA over 3 days.
Budget: under $500
Starring: Ward Sorrick & Elisabeth Ferrara.
Directed by: Henry J. Kim
Cinematography by: Roman Medjanov
Produced by Ward & Henry
Story by everyone

No Rest for the Wicked is a tragedy about two lovers sent on the run from the law from a misunderstanding that results in the death of a cop. Along the way we study the moral and social implications of living life as wanted but reluctant criminals have on their relationship.  Total budget under $13K

All Men are Thieves is a stylish modern-day film noir set in the heart of San Francisco. It is a film in which two career criminals become first partners, and then brothers. Vincent, a cautious loner who is conflicted by his family responsibilities finally finds a kindred spirit in Rich, a fast talking career criminal with a secret of his own that threatens to destroy their friendship. In a world where all men are thieves, only loyalty is worth it's weight in gold. Shot in 8 days on the RED Epic for $8,000ish. 


Sizzle Reel for Sports Documentary on the Golden State Warriors from 1975 to 2015. A 7 year project told by the Fans and Players.


a behind the scenes look at one of my films